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The Maldives

Birdview of an Island
Maldives During Mid day


Home to approximately five percent of the coral reefs in the world, the Maldives is a nation of islands in the Indian Ocean which spans across the equator. One could imagine to visit and pass equator for to achieve their many dreaming Odysseys, 

1192 islands which stretch along a length of 871 kilometers and the country is covering an area of approximately 90,000 square kilometers, which 298 square kilometer of that is dry land. These tiny islands are grouped into a double chain of 26 atolls. 

Maldives shows off its beauty with clear crystal water, coral reefs and attracting homosapiens and wildlife from around the world for its amazing temperature. One who lives in other parts of the world could only imagine to be living in all year round summer weather. 

Untouched location of the Maldives


Before said coral reefs are the foundation of these tiny islands. Reefs protect islands from raising waves and tides at the same time plays a vital role in Maldives economy. 

Wild life and many parts of the Maldives coral reefs are protected under environmental laws and under the declarations from UNESCO as biosphere reserves. To obtain more details regarding such please visit to our blog section or simply reach out to us. Being a student of science and simply out of curiosity one might be interested in reading such. 

General advise to visitors is to carry back all possible plastics you carry during 

your Odyssey to the Maldives as recycling options are very limited and challenging in this isolated nation. 

This is one of the few countries in the world which practices sustainable fishing: a method of fishing done by using pole and line where one fish caught at a time instead of using ghost nets. 

Maldivian Fishing


It is believed that Maldivian race is the result of several waves of settlement from various parents of the Indian subcontinent and thousands of years of interactions of people of different races and ethnicities that crisscrossed in the Indian Ocean over several centuries. 

With its own language which is called Dhivehi, English is considered as secondary language and majority of the common population understands, speaks, reads and is able to write English.

According to the census data from 2022 indicates that 132,371 are foreigners and 382, 751 as Maldivians which makes 515,122 as estimated population. 

Maldives Connectivity and MaldivesOdyssey


Even though majority of the islands are separated by ocean in between them, Maldives is very well connected with other countries via air transportation carriers. 

Several flights from Europe, Middle East, South East Asia operated to the Velana International Airport (main international airport). 

Once you are in the country, you can travel to any domestic airport via domestic carriers, and there is a daily flight frequency between these airports and international airport.

The ferry schedules operated between different islands will allow you to get from one island to another island. 

If you are on an Odyssey to a resort, they will organize your transport and you will be having all the information about your transfer during your booking process. 

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